All I have to say is WOW!  I was not expecting my stay at The Line LA to be anything to close to what it was.  But before I get ahead of myself, let me back up.

My boyfriend and I spent 4th of July in LA because a friend of mine was getting married on July 5th.  I’m not a huge 4th of July person because the crowds get overwhelming, and oftentimes, it’s difficult to get a good firework view.  The Line was kind enough to let us experience one of the Observatory View rooms and it was nothing short of spectacular!

View of the Observatory View Room

We checked in around 5 PM, made our way up to the 10th floor with the bellhop, and looked at each other with a look that said, “wow, this hotel is soooooooo LA.”  The room was small, and I’m sure seemed even smaller because the bed was in the center of the room.  The walls were concrete and the room as a whole looked very urban.  I had never seen a hotel quite like The Line.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the urban feel, but I also couldn’t deny the bed facing floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Observatory was right up my ally.  Before leaving, the bellhop told us we had one of the best views in LA to watch fireworks that night.  We didn’t pay much attention to that because we really hadn’t planned on seeing fireworks that night at all.

Room Service: Salad and Fried Rice

Prior to this trip, my only experience at The Line had been a visit to Break Room 86, a speakeasy located in the hotel.  After a quick trip to grab dinner in Koreatown, we returned to our room with a bottle of wine, hoping to get some sleep before the wedding.  Sure enough, as night came, the fireworks began.  And sure enough, we had the best seat in the house.  We watched fireworks all night go off over the city while we sat in bed and drank wine.  It was the most phenomenal way to spend 4th of July and I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed fireworks more.  The only downside, some people may find it hard to sleep with the sound of fireworks going off all night. Fortunately, thanks to the wine, I slept like a baby.

Beautification in the Apartment Suite

The next morning was wedding time!  I was a bridesmaid in this wedding so our day of hair and makeup started early.  Fortunately, hair and makeup took place in the Apartment Suite at The Line.  It had two bathrooms, a large sitting area, a dining area, and a bedroom with a bath, shower, sink, toilet, and large closet.  The suite was HUGE and more than enough room for the 7 bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law who needed some beautification.  We ordered room service for lunch which was decently quick and the food was phenomenal.  While the suite was phenomenal, the view still didn’t match up to our Observatory View room as it was obstructed by some of the sky scrapers.

Entrance to the Speek Suite

We also got the pleasure of seeing the Speek Suite for the afterparty.  This suite is unique in that it has a built in karaoke room.  While the suite didn’t feel as big as the Apartment Suite, it was the perfect place for wedding goers to spend more time with the bride and groom after the wedding.  We were belting karaoke songs until 5 AM and only once had security called on us.  The room must be soundproof, and it’s the perfect place to entertain a group.  You can even order bottle service if you’d like!

Another huge positive to the Speek Suite is direct access to Breakroom 86.  If you’ve been, you know the line can get long.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use this feature because Breakroom 86 was closed for the holiday.  Be sure you check when booking to make sure Breakroom 86 will be open during your stay if you plan on booking this room.



All in all The Line fully exceeded my expectations.  I’m usually not the biggest fan of “urban” hotels as I feel they often fall short.  However, The Line was more than anything I could have imagined.  I had the best 4th of July thanks to the ability to watch fireworks from the comfort of my own bed, the food was phenomenal, and the suites offered unique features you wouldn’t find at most other hotels.  While it’s not the cheapest hotel, it’s definitely a great value for what you get!


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” – St. Augustine

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