View from our Terrace Studio Suite Balcony

The Cosmopolitan has longtime been one of my favorite hotels in Vegas.  It was only a few years old when I celebrated my 21st birthday in Vegas.  We stayed at the Wraparound Suite and partied with a table at Marquee Nightclub.  There are no shortage of beautiful hotels in Las Vegas, think The Wynn, The Palazzo, and The Bellagio.  However, there is something unique that sets The Cosmopolitan apart from the rest.

Bathroom in our suite

The Cosmo doesn’t aim to be your typical luxury hotel in Las Vegas.  Rather, stepping foot in The Cosmo feels like you’ve been transported to an adult playground made up of luxury, edginess, and just the right amount of strangeness.



Here are a few must do things at The Cosmopolitan:

  1. Stay in one of the suites: While the normal rooms are a decent size, it’s worth it to splurge for a suite while staying at The Cosmo.  One of the things I love about The Cosmo is that you can find a suite in every price range.  My two favorites are the Terrace Studio Suite and the Wraparound Terrace Suite.  The Terrace Studio Suite is perfect for a couple of people looking to enjoy their vacation with a little extra room.  The bathroom is huge and the sitting area is perfect to host a few friends before a night out.  The Wraparound Terrace Suite was perfect for my 21st birthday.  I hosted friends and family with an in-house bartender prior to visiting Marquee Nightclub. It should go without saying, splurge for the fountain view.  While the rooms are amazing with or without a view, the view of the Bellagio fountains gives the room a little something extra that is worth the extra money.
  2. Visit Marquee: Marquee is HUGE!  I actually got lost a couple times when I had a table for my birthday.  As a Cosmo guest, you will receive complimentary access to Marquee on Friday and Monday nights before 11 PM.  While it’s not as great as having Saturday comped, if you plan on being in Vegas for a full weekend it’s definitely a perk to make use of.  Marquee is one of the hottest clubs on The Strip and it’s a steal to get free entry.  Typically men can expect to pay $30 to $75 and women $20 to $50 for entry depending on the night…gotta love Vegas.
  3. Try Hattie B’s: I have been hearing about Hattie B’s for a while now, and was so excited to hear a location opened inside of Cosmo!  This is a must try for everyone!  It was probably the best hot chicken I’ve ever tasted.  I’m still in awe of how they keep the chicken juicy while getting the outside so crisp. I opted for the “Hot!” level and it was perfect!  Lots of spice, but absolutely perfect paired with the fries and dipping sauce.  My boyfriend ordered the “Damn Hot!!” and while it was tasty, there is no way I could have eaten a whole meal at that spiciness level
  4. Visit Ghost Donkey:  I didn’t actually get to visit Ghost Donkey because our flight left too early Sunday morning.  However, I’m highly looking forward to visiting Ghost Donkey on my next trip to Vegas.  Located near Hattie B’s, Ghost Donkey is a new mezcal and tequila bar.  This is the perfect place to have a “night out” without having to go through the trouble of getting into clubs (not going to clubs while in Vegas…wow! I’m getting old).
  5. Secret Pizza: Now this is perhaps even more famous than The Cosmopolitan itself!  Going to Secret Pizza after a drunken night out is a right of passage while in Vegas.  It stays open until 4 AM during the week and 5 AM on weekends for all of us clubgoers to get our “drunchies” fix.  It has to be some of the best pizza I’ve ever tried.  However, I’m not sure if it’s really that great or I’m always just really that drunk while eating it.  Telling you how to find Secret Pizza would ruin the fun, so here’s a little tip: it’s located on the third floor, unmarked, down an alleyway.  Good luck!
Hattie B’s Hot Chicken with fries and mac and cheese of course


So there you have it!  The Cosmopolitan is a bit of an enigma.  With its seductive decorations, wide ranging food options, and overall mystery, you’ll have nothing less than a unique experience during your stay.  Yes, you can visit the cosmo without actually being a guest.  However, half the fun is staying in the hotel and finding hidden treasures during your explorations.


Lots of Bed Head, but happy because I’m in VEGAS


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