Who is Lisa Strawbridge and what is her travel story?

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Name? Lisa

IG? @LisaGoingPlaces

Age? 23

Homebase? Colorado, USA

Day job?  I am currently unemployed, but I just worked as a waitress in Dublin, Ireland for one year, and am applying for my masters in psychology!

Solo or group travel?  Solo travel can be exhilarating and full of growth, but I loooove travel with friends and making memories!

Favorite airline?  I don’t have a big favorite, I love anyone who will take me from point A to B, but I do really enjoy Norweigan Airline’s prices, comfort, and movies!

How many countries have you visited?  Canada, Mexico, United States, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia/Herz., Montenegro, Malta, Italy, Sweden, Czech R., = 23!

Favorite city and why?  Oh my goodness, this is so hard. I have two answers. First, London. I have been to London countless times and I never get sick of it; I love the energy and there’s always so much to do. Second, Dublin. I lived in Dublin for a year and it was incredible! The people are wonderful, there are so many fun activities, and it just a really lovely place to be.

Top bucket list destination?  Australia!!!

Airbnb or hotel?   I like them both for different reasons. As a whole, I’d say Airbnb, because it can offer you a boutique hotel feel for wayyyy less of the price. It also lets you feel like a local! But every once and a while I love the luxury of a hotel. My favorite airbnb was in Rome right outside of Vatican City. You could see the Vatican from the window and there was a rooftop terrace with 360 views of Rome!

When and why did you first get the travel bug?  As a military brat, I did a lot of traveling as a child and learned to love going to new places and learning new things.

Most memorable trip?  I went to Croatia with two of my friends from college this past year, and we had a loose plan, but really just ended up winging it and it was so fun!

Best travel advice for new travelers?  Be smart about being in a foreign country (do your research so that you’re safe and comfortable), but don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone!

What’s your secret to affording the ability to travel? Save, save, save! As fun as new clothes are, I would much rather buy a plane ticket!

Do you have a travel blog we should check out? Yes I do! Mapsandmoscato.blogspot.com

Upcoming travel plans?  I am heading to Los Angeles for a long weekend to see friends, and then London from a week! I just got back from Dublin, too!

Anything else you want us to know?   I looove to giving food recommendations so please shoot me a DM on insta or comment on my blog if you want to know about London, Dublin, LA, or Denver (Those are my specialties)!

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