There are a million things I LOVE about travel.  However, one of the few things I cannot stand is how travel wreaks havoc on my skin.  I put a lot of care into maintaining healthy skin.  After all, it is the largest organ our bodies contain.  It’s taken me a long time to find a routine that works for my over the top, oily skin; and now that I’ve found it, not even the craziness of travel can keep me away from it.


The Day to Day Care:


I never understood the power of peels until I started doing them regularly.  Let me just tell you, they’re a LIFE CHANGER.  If you enjoy the pampering experience of a spa, head to your local medical spa and have a consult with an esthetician to determine the course of treatment best fit for your skin.  My personal favorites are the Obagi peels, but they are a little too intense for me to do on my own.  However, if you don’t have time to make it to a professional, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have glowing, radiant skin.

Between work, volunteering, weddings, and travel, I haven’t been getting facials as often as I’d like.  However, I have been taking care of my skin with a bimonthly peel I ordered from Amazon.  The Head 2 Toe Pumpkin Peel is my go to, twice a month peel, that leaves my skin feeling radiant and fresh, without over the top peeling.  At a base level, this keeps my skin even, and is much needed right before and after a trip to a place with extremely high or low humidity.

I never take peels with me when I go on a trip.  Typically, if I stick to a bimonthly routine year round, my skin is ok missing a month or so.  I just make sure to start right back on my routine once I return.

Vitamin A Serum

For my unfortunate oily skinned friends, vitamin A serum is liquid gold when it comes to controlling oil.  I use Osmosis MD Vitamin A Serum, and it is the crowned jewel in my skincare routine.  Be aware, this can cause your skin to become sensitive to the sun.  I typically use it once a day, just before I got to bed.

My skin is naturally very oily, and gets even worse after being on a plane.  This vitamin A serum is one thing I won’t leave home without.  When I do forget it, I notice small bumps on my face by the time I return.  My esthetician told me these were small oil clogged pores. TMI, I know.  But long story short, if you have oily skin and only take away one thing from this list, let it be that Vitamin A serum is a MUST!  The bottle is small, and worst case, you can pump some into a travel container to fit in your carry-on.


Exfoliation is an absolute must!  It helps clean away all the dry and dead skin cells that can clog your pores, especially after you’ve completed a peel and cellular turnover is high.  My go to exfoliator is ZO Skincare Polish.  However, for a less expensive alternative, Derma-E Scrub works very well, also.  A face scrub is another product I always take on trips if I know I’ll be gone a week or longer.  Similar to the vitamin A serum, you can squeeze some scrub into a small travel case to take on your trip so the container doesn’t take up too much room.

Lip Care

I struggled for SO LONG trying to find the perfect lip care.  My lips are always dry and peeling.  It’s like no matter how much water I drink, or chapstick I put on, they always end up peeling and hurting.  My Bite Lip Mask has worked wonders!  It is on the expensive side, but it’s so so so worth it.  I usually put a generous layer on overnight, and a thinner layer on during the day.  It helps the dead skin to easily come off, leaving your lips perfectly primed for any kind of lipstick, or even none at all!  The lip mask has a slight tint, so it’s the perfect amount of color for lounging on the beach or when you don’t have full makeup on.  This Bite Lip Mask in combination with Sara Happ Lip Scrubs is the perfect combination of exfoliation and deep moisturization for the perfect plump pout.   I refuse to go on any kind of a trip without these products!


Travel Specific

The Basics

As much as I’d like to take all of my normal day to day products with me every time I travel, it’s just not feasible.  The bottles are too big and take up far too much room in my suitcase, especially when I’m already trying to squeeze as many outfits and shoes as I can into my bag.

My go to is the First Aid Beauty To-Go Kit.  It comes with a gentle cleanser, toner pads, and moisturizer.  While my skin doesn’t do as well on this regimen as it does with my normal products, they do the trick and come in small, easy to transport containers.

SUNSCREEN is a MUST regardless of whether or not you burn easily.  I’ve never had a real sunburn, and I’m not someone who wears sunscreen 24/7 (even though I should).  However, I always make sure I have sunscreen on my face.

If I’m wearing full makeup, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation is my go to.  It has SPF, is lightweight, and provides buildable coverage.  It’s also the only foundation that doesn’t cause little bumps due to clogged pores.  If I’m not wearing full makeup and plan on being in the water, I use It Cosmetics CC Cream and it works wonders!  I’ve tried BB cream before but it’s just too oily; it doesn’t even stay on my skin.  CC cream provides the perfect amount of coverage and sunblock for my skin when I’m spending the day at the beach, in a pool, or exploring a new part of the world.

Humidity Products

Humidity and oily skin are like oil and water, they just don’t mix….literally.  Now, I have the lovely misfortune of having skin that starts out dry, and ends up covered in oil by the end of the day.  This means I can’t skip moisturizer in the AM.  In humid conditions, moisturizer makes my skin feel like it’s drowning.  Fortunately, I was recently gifted Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray which leaves my skin feeling moisturized, yet doesn’t feel gross 15 minutes into a humid day.  This will be one of my most used products on my upcoming trip to Bali.

Another go to product is my oil blotting sheets.  They’re a small investment but make a world of difference when you’ve been in humidity all day.  Let’s face it, some days on the road, you’re out for 8-10 hours at a time.  These oil blotting sheets leave my face and makeup feeling brand new.  They also help remove oil from my face so my pores don’t get clogged, which helps my skin to stay looking and feeling beautiful!


I used to be one of those girls who wore full makeup on 12 hour flights.  Well, that stopped real quick once I realized that leaving my makeup on during long flights led to horrible skin once I landed.  Now, I typically use some primer to control oil and that’s about it.  Maybe a dash of powder if I’m feeling adventurous.  However, for those long international flights, sheet masks are my saving grace!  There are so many variations of sheet masks out there, and realistically, you just need something that will help replenish moisture back into your skin.

It’s not all that intuitive, but airplane air is very dry.  Normally, you would think that’s an ideal environment if you have oily skin.  However, once your skin feels the dry environment, it automatically goes into overdrive to produce ever more oil to compensate.  This always leaves me feeling like a greasy mess.  I’ve found that the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Masks and the Glamglow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment leave my skin feel hydrated and fresh.


Lotion is a must for me.  At home, I’m a huge fan of Hempz as it’s always moisturizing without feeling heavy or greasy.  However, when traveling, I was recently introduced to Laura Mericer and I’m in LOVE!  I was gifted this Body Creme Soufflé’s kit and I can’t get enough!  Not only do they smell amazing, but a little goes a very long way.  I carry it with me for my hands, but can also use it as a body lotion after showering.  So many travel lotions feel greasy or cheap.  The Laura Mericer set is thick yet lightweight and keeps my skin feeling soft all day!

Travel Containers

While I typically have my day to day products that I leave at home, and my travel products for shorter trips, there are times I just feel the need to bring my home products with me.  Whether it be because I’m staying for a longer trip (2 weeks +) or because I have a special event I’m attending while on the trip (NYE party, gala, etc), sometimes, I find the need to have my at home products along for the ride.

Travel containers are my best friends when it comes to transporting my home products.  Often travel sized products are over priced, or specialty products aren’t even offered in travel size.  Fortunately, travel containers are perfect for bringing just the right amount of product with you on your trip.  My personal favorites are found on amazon and the travel containers are just enough to bring the products I really need.

Makeup Remover

Most girls are very particular on the type of makeup remover they use.  I was always a liquid makeup remover girl until I realized how difficult it was to use while traveling.  Now, my go to for traveling is either Aesthetica which I order in bulk and store at home, or Simple Eye Makeup Remover Pads which are small and compact to limit waste.


Well, there you have it!  I never had bad skin, but I spent way too much time getting my skin completely clear, to throw it all away because I’m too lazy when I travel to care for it properly.  Remember, everybody’s skin is different.  So, you may need more than I have on this list or you may not need any of it.  Just remember to always take your makeup off at the end of the day, moisturize, and WEAR SUNSCREEN!


“Glowing skin is always in”


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