Who is Anoushka Probyn and what is her travel story?

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Name? Anoushka Probyn


Age? 25

Homebase? London

Day job? Instagram Content Creator

Solo or group travel?  Group – I need someone to take my photos!

Favorite airline? I honestly couldn’t pick! Most Asian airlines are great.


How many countries have you visited? 45

Favorite city and why? London, obviously.  There’s so much going on at all times to discover, you could never get bored.  But I’m totally biased!  Some of my other favorites are Sao Paolo, Budapest, Seville and Busan (South Korea).

Top bucket list destination? At the moment New Orleans is up there, as well as Colombia.

Airbnb or hotel? Depends on the country, but generally hotel.  I love Poovar Island Resort and Fragrant Nature in Kerala, India.  They’re both on the backwaters, it’s so serene and peaceful.

When and why did you first get the travel bug? I wasn’t a huge fan of traveling when I was young – my parents would drag me on walking holidays where there’d be no other kids, which was so boring!  In my teens my dad started taking me to international football matches and that’s when I really started to get into traveling.  Being able to visit places like South Africa and Brazil during the World Cups were really unforgettable experiences.

Most memorable trip?  When I finished my A Levels a friend and I travelled to India and China for a month.  It was one of the first long-distance trips I’d done without my family, and was full of so many amazing moments!

Best travel advice for new travelers?  You can never be too prepared.  When you’re new to traveling it can make it easier and less nerve-wracking if you have itineraries planned, and little things like getting from the airport to the hotel figured out in advance – it saves you time to actually enjoy the experience when you’re there!

What’s your secret to affording the ability to travel? I have a whole blog post about this, but my top tip would probably be to be flexible.  You can bag a real bargain with last minute deals, and traveling out of season can halve prices.

Do you have a travel blog we should check out? Yes!  www.anoushkaprobyn.com

Upcoming travel plans? I’m planning a trip to Vienna and Bratislava in March, as well as a couple of European football trips in June.  My big one this year will be India in August – I’m going for a relative’s wedding, but I want to stay out there for a month and see as much of the country as I can.

Anything else you want us to know?  Nope!

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