Jaw dropping beauty is the only way to describe the most phenomenal Airbnb I’ve ever stayed in.  Located in Mexico City, Nido de Quetzalcoatl translates directly to “Quetzalcoatl’s Nest.”  Before staying in this gorgeous Airbnb, I highly recommend you do some research on your own, so you can truly appreciate the beauty of the architecture.  If you’re interested in staying, you can see the Airbnb listing here.  Be sure to book using this link for a discount! The property is far too awe inspiring to describe using words; it’s something you must experience for yourself.

View of the Nido de Quetzalcoatl Residences

Nido de Quetzalcoatl History

Nido de Quetzalcoatl was built by famous organic architect Javier Senosiain in 1998.  His goal was to build a structure in the forest-infused area of Naucalpan, without destroying the natural beauty.  Only one tree was removed to complete the residences, which is made up of 10 apartments, all about the same size, yet arranged in different layouts.

Quetzalcoatl was the Aztec God of wind, air, and learning.  The 10 apartments lie within the snake structure’s “belly,” hence the name Nido de Quetzalcoatl.  In addition to the beautiful residences, there is a very large park on the grounds, which houses a mineral cave, greenhouse, and natural amphitheater.  This park is currently incomplete, and therefore only open to current residents.  However, once the park is completed, it will become open to the public.

Javier Senosiain embraces the curves of nature and accentuates the natural beauty of the land, instead of destroying it for man-made beauty.  The Airbnb stay does come with a three hour tour in which you can learn more about the history of Javier Senosiain, in addition to exploring the adjoining park.  The tour is a MUST if you stay at this Airbnb.  It’s the only way you can see the park grounds since some areas are locked.

One of the many snakes on the property


The Nido de Quetzalcoatl Residences

There are 10 apartments housed in the “belly of Quetzalcoatl.”  Our apartment was significantly larger than we were expecting.  It was laid out in a one story manner, with five bedrooms.  There is only one master bedroom with a large bed and en suite bathroom.  We had six people staying and the apartment was perfect for a group of our size.  Each room comes with a space heater.  We did get cold at some points, but the Airbnb has extra blankets to keep you warm.  The showers were absolutely gorgeous, with windows opening to the trees outside, and the plumbing seemed to work great.

At night, the property is almost pitch black with very little sound.  We found this a bit eerie at first, but then realized how peaceful it was to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The only negative thing about the actual apartment was the walkway on top of the rooms.  In order to get to the main entrance and exit of the property, people had to use a walkway located directly above our apartment.  This created loud noises at certain points during the night.

Our first day in the apartment, we walked around the residence areas.  Standing at the bottom of the structure leaves you in awe of how massive it is.  We were able to walk into the mouth of the snake, and hop across the little lake on the property.  However, a majority of the “sightseeing” is in the park.

View from the master bedroom

The Airbnb is relatively remote.  While you’re surrounded by other houses, there aren’t any stores or restaurants conveniently located.  Therefore, I highly recommend stopping at a Walmart on your way in to get supplies.  The house does come stocked with a jug of purified water, a few breakfast goods (eggs, cheese, ham, tortillas), shampoo, conditioner, and soap.  However, my ultra long hair needed some extra shampoo and conditioner, and our group wanted the necessities: tequila and snacks!  We also made sure to get a pack of water bottles, just to be on the safe side.

The host, Patricia, is aware of the remote nature of the property.  She offered our group the option of having a cook make us food instead of finding restaurants in the area.  Naucalpan also isn’t the safest area, so our group opted for the cook both nights.  Our first night we had chicken enchiladas with rice and beans, and a hibiscus drink.  Our second night we had beef fajitas with a fresh pineapple drink.  The food was prepared traditional Mexican homestyle and was very tasty.

All in all, I couldn’t think of anything else we needed that we didn’t have access to while staying at Nido de Quetzalcoatl.  We were contacted prior to our flight in order to arrange a car to take us to Nido de Quetzalcoatl (extra cost), and our host also arranged a car for us to our next destination, Polanco.  The tour of the park was planned at our convenience.  The size of the apartment was perfect for our group, and we truly enjoyed our time at the residences.

View from the living room

The Nido de Quetzalcoatl Park

Entrance to the park

If staying at Nido de Quetzalcoatl, it’s necessary to do the tour of the park which is included in the booking.  Be prepared for about a three hour tour of the property and wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  *Pro Tip: wait to do the tour until your second day if possible, to give your body time to acclimate to the elevation.

Our tour started with the entrance to the park, marked with colorful tiles and lots of bamboo stalks.  Walking through the park we saw bathrooms that flawlessly blended in with their surroundings, an open amphitheater where various plays and shows will be held once open to the public, a mineral cave and a beautiful greenhouse.  We walked through an herb and vegetable garden, which was home to asparagus, thyme, and rosemary amongst others.  We saw multiple waterfalls built into various snake’s mouths.  The mineral cave was pitch black aside from the small lights used to illuminate minerals such as amethyst and quartz.  The greenhouse had a color stained glass ceiling, and so many different types of plants inside.

The Greenhouse

It took our group about 1.5 hours to get to the greenhouse.  At this point, Lupita, our cook from the previous night, met us with snacks and drinks to replenish us for the rest of the walk.  We were offered bread, fruit, and veggies.  We continued on our walk through the garden, through the rest of the park (which was primarily forest), and even received a tour of the residence area.

Three hours was a tiring walk (I’m sure due to the elevation) so be sure to bring water with you.  There were so many beautiful pictures captured during those three hours as well, so don’t forget your camera!  There is a little dog that followed us around the entire tour.  From what I gathered, he used to be a homeless dog, but the community banned together to provide him with food and water.  He’s now a dog of the community and loves to show up from time to time on the tour.

Small lake and floating chairs


Impressions of Nido de Quetzalcoatl

Overall, Nido de Quetzalcoatl was the most phenomenal Airbnb I’ve ever experienced.  As I said before, it’s not something that can be described through words.  There is a certain feeling of peace and serenity you get while staying at and walking the property.  You really get the opportunity to live amongst nature and marvel in it’s beauty.

Once the park opens to the public, I have a feeling Nido de Quetzalcoatl won’t seem quite as peaceful.  If you are planning a trip to CDMX any time in the near future, be sure to stay at Nido de Quetzalcoatl for a couple nights before it’s open to the public.  It’s an experience you will not forget!

Mirrored people to show we as people must learn to reflect and live as one with nature


*Please feel free to email or DM me on IG with any further questions about the property.  This is a once in a lifetime experience and I highly encourage anyone who has the chance to take advantage of this it.


“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    1. You have to! I had seen pictures and videos of it before, but they don’t do it justice. I’ve never been somewhere so peaceful and serene. And the hosts do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible!


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