Smorgasburg: “A weekly Sunday market for food, shopping, and drinks” as described on the website, aka Heaven for a foodie like myself.  I am OBSESSED with this place.  So first things first, in LA, parking is always a consideration when I go anywhere.  Fortunately, Smorgasburg shares a parking structure with The RowDTLA.  You get two hours free (which was more than enough) and there are plenty of non-compact parking spaces. It’s a short walk until you reach Smorgasburg.

At first, it’s overwhelming.  Smorgasburg is basically laid out in a U-shape of food trucks, with a “21+” bar and seating area at the opening of the U.  I say “21+” because there is a sign that says it’s only for adults, but the guy checking IDs barely even glanced at mine.  We decided to take a lap and see all of our food choices.  A few jumped out to me including an ice cream truck, macaron truck, the everything cheese truck and fried chicken truck (yes, I have the palette of a kindergartener).

It was starting to get a little hot, so we started with a drink from The Base Co.  We ordered some kind of a charcoal blackberry tea and it was PHENOMENAL.  So good, we ended up going back for seconds.  Opt for one of their reusable cups; if you end up getting multiple drinks it’ll be cheaper.


Next, we decided to start with a little appetizer from Big Mozz.  The mozzarella sticks were fresh as could be (literally, we saw they put them in the fryer) and probably the best mozzarella sticks I’ve ever had.  *PRO TIP: the ranch isn’t worth paying extra for.  They’re great alone or with the marinara.


After our mozzarella sticks, we looked for something a little more filling.  My boyfriend opted for the Ugly Drum pastrami sandwich.  Let me just say, I don’t even like pastrami and MAN! was that a good sandwich.  I ended up getting the MidEast Tacos and they were phenomenal.  Kebob meat on Armenian flat bread to make a Middle Eastern Taco.

Next, we were ready for dessert.  We were so full by this point we ended up splitting an ice cream bar from Wanderlust Creamery.  It had to have been the most flavorfully potent ice cream bar I’ve ever had.  I’ll definitely be trying the ice cream next time I’m in LA.


All in all I really enjoyed my experience at Smorgasburg.  There’s no way you could try everything in one sitting.  I’m looking forward to taking the $10 roundtrip train from OC to DTLA for my next Smorgasburg Trip.

There’s a couple of things to keep in mind during your experience:

  1. One time is not enough.  You’ll have to either come with a HUGE group and take a bite of everything, or make multiple trips
  2. We were lucky and had no issue finding seats, but I could see how this could get crowded.  Just be aware that if you don’t like being around a ton of people this may not be for you
  3. It is “just food truck food” at the end of the day but you will still be paying a premium.  You’re paying for an experience as is true with most things these days.  Just be sure you aren’t expecting $5 dishes.  Think $10-$15 per plate.
  4. The event is all outdoors.  If you burn easily be sure to wear lots of sunscreen and dress for the weather.



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