If you’re anything like me, regardless of how much you’re actually going to be in your hotel when you travel, nice accommodations are always appreciated.  At the same time, because I’m usually not in my hotel room often, if I have to cut cost somewhere it’s usually in the room.  As a result, I’m typically on the hunt for the best value (lowest prices and nicest amenities) hotels I can find.  I don’t always need fancy, but I do always need clean, decent service, and safe rooms.

I took my boyfriend to San Jose del Cabo this year for his birthday!  Typically, I would have stayed in Cabo San Lucas.  But, we were looking for a more relaxing getaway and I found a great deal at Krystal Grand Los Cabos.  I reserved the Swim Up Suite for two nights and an all-inclusive package.  This typically would have cost $1600 for the weekend, but I was able to snag it for $400.  Naturally, I booked immediately.  What could go wrong?  A beach front, all-inclusive resort with a room that opens into a pool sounds like heaven.

My next move after this impulse booking was to check the Yelp reviews.  To my horror, Krystal Grand Los Cabos was only rated 2.5 stars on Yelp.  I was so scared but unable to get out of my reservation.  I called Krystal Grand Los Cabos multiple times to confirm the correct room and all-inclusive package (I read lots of people had trouble with incorrect room types), and I pre-arranged rides from and to the airport (as I read it could be very overpriced to use their taxis).  Fortunately, my overall experience at Krystal Grand Los Cabos turned out AMAZING and I hope this feature helps give peace of mind to those of you contemplating staying at the resort.

Upon arrival, we walked into a large open area, ocean in the background and check-in to our left.  There was a bit of a wait for check-in, but we were greeted with margaritas so we didn’t mind too much.  Check-in was a breeze.  The hotel had our correct reservation on file for the correct price.  We were shown to our room by one of the hosts and were blown away by how nice it was.  Everything seemed brand new, there was a big bathroom, robes, and our room walked out into a pool shared with about 10 other rooms on the ground floor.  Initially, I thought this meant we would feel we didn’t have much privacy.  But, most of the time we utilized our room’s pool, there was no one else in it.

View from the Lobby Bar

We arrived at a weird time and decided to order room service.  It was a small delivery fee and everything on the menu was at no extra charge.  Not going to lie, when we got our food and realized how unappetizing it was, we were scared for the rest of the trip.  Fortunately, the room service food is not indicative of the rest of the restaurants.

Swim Out Suite

After swimming for a while in our pool, we decided to get ready for dinner.  The resort is all-inclusive, so we didn’t feel the need to venture into the city much.  Typically, I am not an all-inclusive type traveler.  However, it was just what we needed for a perfect relaxing vacation.

We decided on Restaurante Risotto (Italian) as our dinner option.  We walked up to the host stand and asked to be seated.  About 80% of the restaurant was open so we didn’t feel our lack of reservations would be an issue.  However, we ended up having to wait about 40 minutes to be seated which was weird.  The food wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either.

After, we decided to call it a night and get to bed early.  The next morning, we got up and did breakfast at Restaurante O.  It was buffet style and one of my favorite places to eat.  Seating was quick and we always had an ocean view.  You could find everything from eggs to mimosas to fresh empanadas.  It was a perfect way to start the day.


We spent the rest of the day going from pool to pool.  We had everything from frozen drinks to rainbow shots to food by the pool and so on.  My favorite part was the lounge chairs IN the pool.  It allowed you to get a nice tan and relax while staying cool in the water.  We had so much fun and had great service!  *Pro Tip: the strawberry daiquiri is a must while you’re relaxing.

Family Pool with Lounge Chairs

After our day of lounging, we finally decided to get ready for dinner at Ayami!  I highly recommend making reservations and be sure to request to sit at the hibachi tables.  Our chef was amazing and extremely interactive.  Tequila shots, wine, and fresh food made the night perfect.  Ayami was by far my favorite restaurant at Krystal Grand Los Cabos.  We had every intention of going out in Cabo San Lucas that night.  But, we ended up going back to our room and enjoying a night swim in our pool.  My boyfriend’s favorite part was the cigar cart in the lobby of our hotel.  A man selling his own hand rolled cigars helped my boyfriend pick out one that fit what he was looking for.  We ended the night enjoying our own pool, him smoking a cigar, and us enjoying good conversation and lots of laughs.


The next morning it was time to check out.  When we got our bill everything was correct.  We grabbed one last drink at the lobby bar and waited for the pre-arranged ride to pick us up.  Reflecting on our trip together we both agreed it was one of the most relaxing and smooth trips we had been on.  As travelers, we know most of the time things don’t go according to plan.  This vacation went 100% exactly how we had planned.

View from the Lobby Bar

All in all, I loved staying at the Krystal Grand Los Cabos.  I’m not sure why there are so many negative reviews.  Possibly, because the hotel is relatively new still working out some flaws.  But, if you go in with the correct attitude, you should have nothing short of an amazing vacation.  This is not a 5 star resort so don’t expect Palmilla level accommodations and treatment.  If you want that level of service then shell out the money appropriate for it.  But, if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway at a relaxing resort, Krystal Grand Los Cabos is the place to go.

“Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax” -Mark Black

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